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High efficient inhibitor ZM-701
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High efficient inhibitor ZM-701
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High efficient inhibitor ZM-701

Chemical name: TMHP0
Molecular formula: C9H18NO2
Molecular weight: 172
Properties: Orange yellow crystal, easily soluble in water, ethanol, ether and benzene etc..
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Orange yellow crystal

Eye measurement

Melting poin(?)





Gas chromatography

Use: Used as high efficient inhibitor for acrylic acid, acrylonitrile, methacrylate, methylmethacrylate,chloroethylene, unsaturated resin. It can take the place of dihydroxybenzene.
Packed in plastic lined composite paper, Net wt.:20KG per bag. Avoid rain or solarization. Stored in dry, draughty warehouse. 

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